My Dad was a Long Haul Trucker

I dreamt of a day when
Your ghost no longer haunts
The naked bed
Where we last held love.

Beneath a thread of lavender,
Those unholy days
Where You tore my dress,
And told that I had gone.

My love,
I was a rabbit then,
And now
Human again.

I did not leave, only slept in mourning,
Of your pewter face in days light.

Now alls around is nights curtain,
Sewn by a thousand pieces
Of fragmented heart.

I dreamt you swore at a little mouse,
And in our home malicious spirits
Quietly laid to roost.

And we?
We ran.
It followed.
You ran, myself beside.

“He beats us,”
You moaned,
Through Heaven inside, I knew,
He will never hold this fire,
Or damage these lovers hearts,
Anymore than we do
Each others.
The pieces lay,
And over they pass,
In the shapes we shared
On borrowed couch cushions.

One new wrenching stain
In the patter of days gone by.
Then, it all comes to stay,
In a cabinet we used to share.

Release this soulless fear,
And know He can only hold
That manic flame,
To Our holy spark,
In vain.

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